TPR Financial Contributions:
Your TPR GIFT contribution will go towards costs involved with, but not limited to: 
  • Professional services including legal, insurance, and accounting, 
  • Storage fees, 
  • Email subscription and distribution services, 
  • Printing including flyers, maildrops, banners, and signage, 
  • Graphic design services,
  • Video editing,
  • Postage and TPR offical communications, 
  • Website hosting subscriptions and maintenance, 
  • Booking venues for events, 
  • Event promotion and advertising, 
  • Purchase & maintenance of audio & visual equipment used for podcasts, productions, events, and; 
  • For the general running of the organisation activities and associated costs.

TPR Financial Contributions:

Account Name: TPR GIFT
BSB: 124-196
ACCOUNT NO: 23360634

For those wanting to gift cryptocurrency, please use the following addresses:

Bitcoin (BTC) – bc1q8wptqcmvjefs4ytavjccv2mkleu3alcty994cm
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – qqcwwn3lkj8tspxxmtv3vyqqnxctt0cp75evz4fg6y
Ethereum (ETH) – 0x5DCE2Fc611e487FF03a9C7840b1c81e09Fe30BA9
XRP (XRP) – rUt9y1nkEEMZdaeNCL9QY8sraZdbdvZBKW
Litecoin (LTC) – LcV4FYrdujCPtRvLLt93p8FpzNhEbhg5oi
Polkadot (DOT) – 1xzr5PvmtzB1S1MqsKcSWbeFCAeFk9NDBCcZn2BTattjiuB
Dogecoin (DOGE) – D8TqgNWtP2t4mR7hrq47aEkZYmYG5CSE7E

You can also contribute in other ways such as helping with events, letterbox drops, admin, website maintenance etc. or just subscribe to our mailing list here and let us know what you can do.

Note: At this stage, financial gifts are non-tax deductible.Financial Contributions


Follow Triccy’s Patreon link, found here

Ways to support Triccy’s family.

1. Subscribe to Triccy’s Patreon
2. Make a direct contribution to the family account below

Triccy’s Family Bank Account Details
BSB: 923100
ACC: 32247861
Tristan and Courtney

Visit the Patreon link above by clicking the button above.
Or you can make a bank transfer to his family’s account (see above for full details).
While Patreon is the preferred method, please use the word GIFT, if using bank transfer to Triccy’s family.

TPR Admin are reaching out to the TPR community

For the past two and a half years Triccy, founder of anti-globalist movement, The People’s Revolution, has stood up and taken the bullets for us, and we now need to show him that we are here to support him, and his family. That we, the freedom-loving community, will stand up for him as he has stood for us.

His vision was to build a community that would be strong and protect each other, support each other and be there when the call-out came.

Well now we are calling on you, the ones who have stuck in this community, attended the rallies, or even supported from afar because you share in Triccy’s vision and respect the hope that he has constantly encouraged in us.