TPR Responds to Max Igan’s Rant

✌🏿🦁✌🏻 TPR can’t believe we had to make this video! 


We have ignored the baseless attacks, the false allegations and defamation for over a year, so as not to cause any more disruption to the Movement, that we work tirelessly for.

This movement has done nothing but in-fight, make accusations without proof and tear each other apart for the last twelve months. TPR has had enough!

We did not want to spend our time addressing negative and false allegations, but we have decided that now is the time to step in and put it all to rest. We will address the rubbishing of TPR and myself head on, with hard evidence, showing the People we are being targeted for a reason and then we are going back to what we do best…getting it done!

This first video deconstructs Max Igan’s pathetic fabrications, with proof beyond doubt. The video shows damaged egos and ill-intention.

Which leaves the question – Why are people living overseas, purposely lying about the movement in Australia, to cause disruptions, mistrust and division?

Our next videos will address the remaining people that have been trying to attack TPR for over twelve months, with fabricated lies and false allegations, again with proof to show the contrary, which will clearly show such comments and accusations to be DEFAMATORY.

False accusations devised with the sole intention of causing mistrust for TPR and myself, wild allegations such as: – using money gifted to TPR for home renovations, – banks not actually shutting down my own or TPR accounts, – my home not being infested with toxic mould, – purposely getting charged by the police so I could ask for money

All of this rubbish, plus the rest of the allegations, will be addressed one by one and the people responsible for the weak attacks, will be named, so as to expose their lies and their true intention with the movement.

Once we have exposed where the division within the movement is coming from, we will leave the People to make their own minds up and we will continue forward, with positivity and success. We encourage all those that wish to contribute in a positive manner, to join us and continue to help the formidable team that we are currently building.

Stay tuned! The People, United, We’ll Never be Divided!