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TPR Connect Community Groups

The TPR Connect Community group, is the core group for your local area. All Special Interest Groups (SIGs) will branch off from the Community group and everyone will be automatically added to the Community group in their area, when they register for a SIG

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TPR Connect Youth Groups

Connecting our youngsters with each other to build meaningful relationships. An important step in strengthening our community bond.

TPR Connect Self Sufficiency Groups

Teaching and sharing skills to be ready for any situation, in an increasingly volatile world. From food growing, to hunting, to shelter making and everything in between.

TPR Connect Political Activism Groups

Connecting politically active people to engage in political pressure campaigns and to become more effective using this avenue.

TPR Connect Non-violent Guerrilla Activism

Connecting hardcore activists.

(TPR does not promote or condone violence or any form of illegal activity. All actions that TPR members engage in, is to remain within the realms of lore)

TPR Connect Business Owners' Groups

Creating business alliances and a register, where the community can search and support your business.

TPR Connect Industry Employee Groups

Connecting people within specific industries such as education, healthcare, logistics, trades etc. and forming our own FREE unions, with the ability to coordinate nationwide strikes, while avoiding the need for industrial action permits and fines.

TPR Connect Health Groups

Connecting health practitioners with the community, to establish our own systems, in a world where your health needs are now being held for ransom.

TPR Connect Community Schools Groups

Connecting teachers, parents, and students with the intention of offering support and establishing community schooling options.