Block the Bill – musical flow



This time last year (March ’22) The People’s Revolution made history, as the first non-indigenous group to camp at Musgrave Park (A council “owned asset”, where camping is not permitted).

We camped on the city limits in a park, a first for myself and the vast majority of People, for five nights and we did it without permits or approval from the council or police, but with the blessing of the local elders, as a group of People upholding our right to peace public assembly.

We fended off attempts by the police and council to shut us down, we dug in, stood strong and we made history together, on a land of much cultural significance to the Jaggera and Toorbul People.

We were humbled by their acceptance and offer to use the land and we did so with respect to these People and the land itself.

The occasion was Block The Bill, in direct opposition to the Public Health Amendment Bill 2022 and although we were unsuccessful in stopping the bill passing through parliament, we were successful in our campaign in many ways.

Those that partook on the magical evening of Thursday March 31st 2022, know we experienced something magical together.

A simple tap on the mic, led to one and a half hours of full crowd participation of singing, chanting, dancing, drumming and oneness. We hit the FLOW, on a level that only some will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.


Those there on this night, felt the energy all around them, in a display of unplanned musical improvisation.

The filming wasn’t the greatest, the vocals slightly out of tune, the drumming sometimes out of beat and it all added to the raw magic of the flow.

The mics were opened up and without ego, the People took their turn to add their touch to the magic being created outside of Queensland Parliament House, where the politicians whinged and whinged for five days straight, that they could not hear themselves think. The People were there.

There was a bond created that night, between those that dropped their barriers and simply enjoyed and celebrated our presence, as one tribe. A bond and an experience that the nay sayers, will simply never understand, but for those there, will never be forgotten.

We were successful on that evening for multiple reasons and from the bottom of my gratitude filled heart, I thank all those that made the effort to turn up and give their energy in to creating the beautiful magic, that will always be remembered.

The lesson here? That one small spark can lead to a raging wildfire and that is key to remember, in this mass awakening of the People.

Keep it going People, we cannot be stopped now.

Tag a friend that was there and cast your memories back to the magic of BTB.

A few time stamps:

0:00:00 – 0:02:00 Amazing Grace on bagpipes. A touching moment, which allowed silence to fall and make way for the flow.

00:02:45 The simple mic tap, which turned out to be the catalyst for what was about to unfold.

0:08:10 People in the crowd begin to share the mic around and vocalise.

0:28:00 Conga line

0:53:20 – 1:24:00 The best chant over the last 3 years starts up. Block, The Bill, There is no Emergency!

Which was your favourite day of BTB?


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