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First TPR Rally

The first ever TPR rally. A peaceful picnic was held in king George Square in Brisbane, on May 30, to discuss the current climate in regards to the so called COVID-19 Pandemic.

Featuring Triccy Triddy, Yarraka bayles, Tiga Bayles & Paul Seils.

August 2020 Rally

Police try to shut down the TPR Rally while Allona Lahn drops bombs in the background, describing a reality that was a 'conspiracy theory' until it came true.

Getting behind TPR

Original lead singer from AC/DC, Dave Evans, promoting The People's Revolution.

Brisbane Lockdown - TPR Deliver Open Letter to Premier of QLD

30.01.21 - On the first morning of a snap lockdown in Brisbane, The People's Revolution delivered an open letter to the premier of Queensland, requesting answers to many inconsistencies and questionable policies, in regards to the way the so-called pandemic is being handled.

TPR & Senator Malcolm Roberts discuss Defence Force Amendment Bill Q and A

At a recent TPR event, a heated discussion began during a Q and A session with federal senator Malcolm Roberts.

A question from an audience member, was directed towards Senator Malcolm Roberts, asking why he chose to ignore the concerns of the Australian public and instead vote through the Defence Force Amendment Bill 2020, untouched.

The bill allows "foreign military, navy, air force and police, to be free from any civil or criminal liability, in relation to dealing with an "emergency" in Australia."