TPR Admin are reaching out to the TPR community

For the past two and a half years Triccy, founder of anti-globalist movement, The People’s Revolution, has stood up and taken the bullets for us, and we now need to show him that we are here to support him, and his family. That we, the freedom-loving community, will stand up for him as he has stood for us.
His vision was to build a community that would be strong and protect each other, support each other and be there when the call-out came.

Well now we are calling on you, the ones who have stuck in this community, attended the rallies, or even supported from afar because you share in Triccy’s vision and respect the hope that he has constantly encouraged in us.

As we, the TPR Admin Team, have come to realise working alongside Triccy, that he is not only a man of great integrity, strength and resolve, that even with everything he has endured he still has the ability to reach out and offer assistance to others, keep morale up amongst his team and bring us together in an incredibly supportive manner. Then we watch his power unleashed at the rallies and are so proud to be standing alongside Triccy as part of the TPR Team.
So now is the time to give back, as even such a strong and determined man needs a shoulder to lean on sometimes.

The ride has been relentless for Triccy and his family and we (TPR Admin Team) have listed some of the issues they have had to deal with in the last 2 years. All the while he has been working full time, raising his family, organising rallies and strategies to build stronger communities.

  • Two C19 charges of gathering in a group of more than ten, by the Queensland Police, when approximately 9,999 people out of the 10,000 in attendance were left alone, in a clear attempt of intimidation. (One charge was dropped and one conviction).
  • Police harassment at his place of work and false charges of driving on a suspended license. (In which he represented himself and had thrown out of court like the rubbish it was).
  • The revocation of his firearms and firearms license under false pretences. (In which he represented himself and had dropped at the tribunal).
  • Wrongly detained and falsely arrested, only due to filming the incident as proof.
  • Charged multiple times at the trucky blockade for blocking the highway. (In which he represented himself and had one thrown out of court and one conviction recorded).
  • Police trying to charge him twice for the same offence. (Which is currently in court).
  • Council laying multiple charges on him for leading a march through a public mall. (Which is currently in court).
  • The constant sacrifices he makes to serve the People and provide a better future for our children.
  • The threats he receives for taking a strong stance which goes against the mindset of aggressive mainstream zombies.
  • Triccy’s home is currently infested with toxic mould and the whole family sleeping in one bedroom, with a long journey of major repairs ahead.
  • Triccy is the sole income earner for his family of five, with the stresses of working full time and being an activist full time, leaving him with no time to tend to normal household duties and maintenance, meaning he is constantly paying others to perform the work.
  • Both his cars are constantly breaking down requiring time and money spent.

Put all the above things aside which he has been so far willing to take on and deal with himself, but now the Banks have checked into the battle.

Many of you may know that both his banks within seven days of each other, have sent correspondence stating they have decided to close all his accounts, with no reasons given.
Obviously, something to do with the way Triccy pushes back against government over-reach and the continuous loss of freedoms and rights.
The government doesn’t like this and they have their strings pulled from behind the scenes, by the bankers.

That’s one issue, for which he is going into battle against the big banks, but the main concern and issue at the moment is this:

Last year Triccy declared that he is willing to knock back a portion of his over-time shifts at work, to spend more time working for the People and creating a better future for our children. While some people reached out in support and supplemented part of his lost income, the fact is it is unlikely the banks will consider Patreon a form of income (while the ATO will for tax purposes) and he was already knocking back O/T for a long time already, resulting in a greatly reduced income, in the eyes of the banks.

As the banks have forced his hand for the time being and now trying to secure a new home loan within a limited time, the fact is that in the eyes of the banks, his greatly reduced income equates to a greatly reduced borrowing power, which means his family now cannot refinance the amount they need, to achieve this.

One way of alleviating this problem now and into the future for Triccy and his family is if all of those people that see and feel value in what he does, and are in a position to do so, make a small recurring financial contribution to his personal Patreon account, or a one-off financial contribution for his family.

You can do this by following Triccy’s Patreon link, found here

You can do this by typing the Patreon link, found in the picture (and in the comment section), into the browser, clicking the button above or by bank transfer to his family’s account.
While Patreon (which uses PayPal), is the preferred method, please use the word GIFT, if using bank transfer.

Triccy’s Family Bank Account Details
BSB: 923100
ACC: 32247861
Tristan and Courtney

While it took Triccy some time to be comfortable passing a tin around at the rallies for TPR’s use, he is at the stage now where his children and partner have involuntarily been forced to make big sacrifices, in direct relation to his undertakings for the freedom of this country, versus the Establishment.

These are Triccy’s words:

“I don’t know how long I’ll be around for, hopefully, long enough to see my great grandkids, but if I were to be taken out early, I need to know my family will be looked after.”

In consideration of the recent happenings and where we are heading, we feel the need to set this up now for Triccy and his family and leave nothing to chance.
If you aren’t able to contribute financially, that is fine, but please contribute to the movement in some way, as the movement is less strong without you.

So while this may give some weightless ammo to the trolls, this is not for them, it is for the supporters of the Revolution and supporters of Triccy and his beautiful, supportive family.

Triccy: “ I remain focused on my mission while I am here, and nothing will sway that.

No matter what, I love you all and will see you again soon.”

It’s time to offer our support and back those that are taking the fight forward for us.

Love, The TPR Admin Team – Cindy, Nellie, Nay and Nicola

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