Unite against the Globalists

Unite for Freedom – Unite against the Globalists
World Wide Rally – February 18 2023
Wakey wakey! It’s time to get back on it for 2023!
Why? Because regardless of how comfortably numb some People are at the moment, regardless of the levels of complacency on display, regardless of all the infighting, we know well and true, what the globalists have in store for us.
A social credit system, based on the Chinese Communist Party’s tyrannical dictatorship, similar to what is currently in use in China.
A system where you will be scored on your level of compliance with governmental protocols, enabled by the acceptance of a digital ID, microchips, central digital currency and full surveillance through use of facial recognition cameras.
Wherever you go, they will watch.
Achieve a good score with blind compliance and turning a blind eye to the well being of the future generations – you will be rewarded and allowed certain things, within their scope.
If your score drops below a certain level, because you refuse to partake in the demise of the freedoms and rights of Australians – you will be punished and locked out of society, by your train ticket being switched off, being refused entry to certain establishments because your swipe card won’t open the doors and things like your mobile service being deactivated.
On your doorstep – Full Video Surveillance, Cash Ban, Central Bank Digital Currency, Digital ID, Microchips, Social Credit System, Continued and Increased Weather Manipulation and further forced lowering of the World’s Population through trickery and manipulation.
All planned to be in full swing by 2030.
I believe that to be one helluva good reason, to join as one with your Brothers and Sisters on Saturday February 18 for the first World Wide Rally of 2023.
Let’s all make a small sacrifice and commit to joining each other for the first time this year to raise the vibration, build the momentum, build our numbers, spread awareness and lift the Morale of the People.
It’s important we start this off strong guys.
See you all in Brissy and good luck to the rest of Australia and countries all over the world, partaking on Feb 18.

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