Block the Bill – musical flow

Block the Bill March 2022 was a four day resistance to the Amendment the Public Health Act. On the day of the vote, the tireless People created something amazing, that could only be an inspired connection shared amongst People coming together as One, uniting with a common message.

Unite against the Globalists

World Wide Rally – February 18 2023
Wakey wakey! It’s time to get back on it for 2023!

Why? Because regardless of how comfortably numb some People are at the moment, regardless of the levels of complacency on display, regardless of all the infighting, we know well and true, what the globalists have in store for us.

WorldWide Freedom Rally

Worldwide Freedom Rally

I Believe! A Celebration of Community, Achievements, Strength & Spirit. #wewillallbethere. MARCH, FOOD & DRINK, LIVE MUSIC & FACE PAINTING

TPR Mudstomp


Learn skills to build earthen dwellings
Drums and music
Fire cooked food
Groove with your community

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