Tristan, as the frontman for The People’s Revolution, was subject to an extensive intimidation and harassment campaign by the so-called authorities, including the Queensland Police, Australian Federal Police and Brisbane City Council. This has led to eight separate charges and approximately thirty appearances in court over the past four years, as a direct result of his involvement and dedication to protecting the freedoms of all people now and in the future. He has self represented on all but two occasions, leaning on advice from retired lawyers, and has gained skill, experience, courage and an understanding of how to navigate the system.

Nick Patterson will be joining Tristan, to share his journey of enduring police brutality which resulted in serious injury to himself and his friends. He will discuss the three year court process which culminated in all charges against Nick being sought to be discontinued by the Victorian Police. Unfortunately for VicPol, Nick and his legal team have other ideas and now plan to take charge of the fight and hold VicPol accountable, for their despicable actions.

Jerry Prus – former military officer, practicing barrister and strategist, has been there to guide these men through the legalities of their respective situations. His advice has been invaluable. He has many words of wisdom, and a huge amount of experience when it comes to navigating the legal system. Jerry will be making himself available for for a live QandA panel discussion, at the events.

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The mass awakening which has been slowly spreading around the world over the past few years, has now resulted in the commencement of a full-blown revolution.

We are currently experiencing World War III, which will be known in the future as The War Against the People.

It will be forever known, as the war in which The People forgot their “differences” and united as one, to bring down the tyrants controlling the shots from BEHIND the veil of the governmental political puppets and achieved victory through peaceful and powerful means.

This is what led us to the design of our powerful logo

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THE RIGHT TO DEFEND – 27 & 28 July 2024 2:30PM

Gold Coast – Saturday 27th July, 2024 – 2:30PMCroatian Sports Centre, -181 Nerang Broadbeach Rd, Carrara Brisbane – Sunday 28th July, 2024 – 2.30PMThe Hamilton Hotel – 442 Kingsford Smith Dve, Hamilton (H Room) Cost: $20 Earlybird (until midnight 19th July)Cost from 20th July: $25 Food and drinks will be

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The People's Revolution is the result of years of oppression of the people, by world governments

In the year 2022, The People of the world have responded.