Say No to Medical Discrimination

The TPR Community is fuming by the recent reports of the Department of Education docking the pay of unvaccinated workers. This includes: Teachers, Cleaners, Groundspeople, Support Staff, Administration Staff, and Principals.

TPR is disgusted that after already being punished for non-compliance with unethical directives, that the Department seeks to further punish people already suffering financially, mentally and emotionally – as though the last bastion attempt at coercion (get the jab and we won’t dock your pay) will actually inspire loyalty and buffer staff retention.

Even the CDC has recently released new guidelines, which includes to ‘Not differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.’ It seems the Department isn’t even following “The Science.”

We ask that you make your voice known to the Department of Education, The Minister for Education and your local members.

Please take a moment to add your name and message below, and let us send your voice into their inbox.

It takes a community to effect community change. Let the bureaucrats know that this unethical, unconscionable behaviour will not fly.

This Campaign is Now Over. Thank You For Your Support.