Lack of Transparency with the Extension of Powers

Triccy TPR

The People’s Revolution has called out the Palaszczuk government for not being open and transparent over the need to extend their powers to limit community freedoms as decided by an unelected bureaucrat.

The Palaszczuk government came out with all their excuses for the need to extend the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act 2020 in the face of sustained protest by the community. Then four days later they revoked most of the mandates.

TPR founder Triccy Triddy said: “It takes time and resources to draft a law and put it through the parliamentary process. Did the Palaszczuk government not know what they were about to do or were they not being honest with us in the first place? At the very time businesses and the community are on their knees and crying out for certainty, these silly games are being played by the very people who haven’t missed a pay packet.”

“We strongly suspect that their moves continue to be politically driven, and that an excuse to lock down again will arise after the election is over” he said. “We call on all public servants to participate in the Queensland integrity review by Professor Peter Coaldrake and share what they know.”

The People’s Revolution are holding their April rally in the Brisbane botanical gardens and all media are invited to attend.

WHEN: Saturday 23 April 2022 at 1:00 pm
WHERE: Brisbane Botanic Gardens on Alice Street

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