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Review of the Anti-Discrimination Act: Submission Form

Use of your information

The information you provide as part of your submission will be used by TPR and the HRC to understand what discrimination is occurring in the community and how the Anti-Discrimination Act can be improved, and for the HRC to prepare a public report on the Review of the Act.

Your information may be provided to people outside TPR and the HRC for the purpose of conducting the Review. Your information may be drawn upon, quoted or referred to in the public report and other resources produced by the HRC in connection with the Review.

If you prefer your name not to be attached to your story, please select no to question 2 below. This means your name will not be published, if your story is, and people outside TPR and the HRC will not know the information is about you.

If you give permission to publish your information, then you agree for HRC to publish your submission on the Commission’s website, and to publish your name, if you have provided it. They will not publish your contact details.

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