Feb 07 2022
February 7, 2022

Convoy to Canberra

The people have gathered in Canberra to serve a warning to the Prime Minister that not only do we no longer desire his so-called “leadership,” we will coordinate a response across Australia to ensure the tyrants in power will be brought down.

Australians can no longer afford to be governed by psychopathic and treasonous leaders whose fealty lie elsewhere. It is time for the existing system to be brought to its knees, and for a system designed for the people by the people, to take its rightful place in the new society.

Make no mistake the gathering of people in Canberra over the last week has simply been a warning shot across the bow of all corrupt and treasonous politicians and political parties, of which there are many, in fact, the system itself.
The people will regroup and return in the future with hundreds of thousands sending the corrupt politicians into hiding and we will take this country back for the people.